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Notice to SoundEffects users

SoundEffects 0.9.2 works fine under Mac OS X in the Classic environment. However, we understand that this is an inconvenience and, while you can still take advantage of its powerful sound editing capabilities, a native Mac OS X application with full support for Core Audio would be much more efficient and versatile.

We are now developing a very powerful new sound editor for Mac OS X!

All future products by Alberto Ricci will be published by Ovolab, a new company that is developing creative and innovative software for the Macintosh. Come back soon for news, either on this page or on the Ovolab web site.

If you have any questions or comments, feature requests, rants or raves, please feel free to .

Download SoundEffects 0.9.2 [658K] from this site

Download the Register application [68K]
Register online your copy of SoundEffects

Effects and Plug-ins

Expand your capabilities by enhancing SoundEffects with these great plug-in effects:

Download Mike Norris' plug-ins for SoundEffects [481K]
Go to Alex Yermakov's SoundFrontFX plug-ins page

International versions

Download SoundEffects 0.9.2 (German version) [644K]

The german version was localized by Pia Heppner.

For german users: click here to view a SoundEffects tutorial (QuickTime format - german only) which appeared in the March 1997 issue of MacMagazin. Written and produced by Felix Segebrecht and G. Boettger.


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